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and where the attacks took place and cake that they will then refer this matter to the u.n. security council for appropriate action i think that's the right thing to do because this was an attack on the world and it requires a response from the world un officials agree that this is coming back here to the security council the un have had 2 separate experts in saudi arabia and they're mandated to formally report their findings james plays out jazeera at the united nations and what's more still to come on the news hour including egypt's leader heads from the u.n. to cairo where a planned protests have forced shops ticals and what a rule change in the u.s. means for the hundreds of thousands of refugees looking to settle their. here as democrats are appealing for any witnesses to donald trump's phone calls the ukrainian president floating isn't in ski to come forward trump has been accused of
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trying to persuade the ukrainian leader to investigate his rival joe biden the allegations and name at the center of an impeachment inquiry by house democrats john hendren reports from washington d.c. . democrats have a new word for the white house response to a whistleblower this is a cover up the accusation follows a newly released whistleblowers report that says the white house trying to lock down the transcript of a phone call in that july call president donald trump pressed ukraine's president to find dirt on a rival presidential candidate in this case former u.s. vice president joe biden reads like a classic organized crime shakedown the report says u.s. officials told the unnamed whistleblower that they were directed by white house lawyers to transfer the transcript of a conversation to a separate electronic system that is otherwise used to store and handle classified information even though the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive that
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left trump's new acting director of national intelligence explaining on capitol hill why he withheld that mid august report from congress until thursday we consulted with the white house counsel's office and we were advised that much of the information the complaint was in fact subject to executive privilege a privilege that i do not have the authority to waive so a white house transcript of that call shows that trump repeatedly urged ukraine's volodymyr zelinsky to investigate whether joe biden sought to interfere in a conflict of interest probe of the ukrainian gas company for which his son hunter biden worked at the time trump was with holding nearly $400000000.00 in aid without explanation under fire denies using any pressure what these guys are doing democrats are doing to this country is it grace but they're going to tie up our country because frankly this so tied up this so it's good up as the director of national intelligence testified here on capitol hill president trump was at the
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united nations talking to staff he told them he wanted to know who told the whistleblower about his phone call adding that they were close to a spy and then he said something that sounded menacing. this is. according to the whistleblower several senior u.s. officials were concerned by the president's call now exhibit number one in hearings to decide whether to impeach donald trump john hendren al-jazeera washington well steve clemons is editor at large at the hill he says it's likely the own sense of memo could be damaging to others something. right now we're still trying to understand the various dimensions in the pieces in this puzzle we've seen a bit of the transcript but not the entire transcript we've heard some of the circumstances about the exchange and call there has been the allegation that
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president trump's attempts to hold up aid to ukraine were tied to this but there's no explicit statement to that fact and the whistleblower his alleges allegedly said that there were other pieces to the interaction that we haven't been made aware of yet so we don't have the entire picture at this moment but what we do see is potentially explosive and it shows an american president asking a foreign government to investigate a u.s. national and that is unprecedented we've not seen something like that before and remember this happened this call happened one day after the moeller report was released and the motor report was in part investigating behaviors that were similar the president was charged with similar types of coordination potential collusion with a foreign government to affect american politics so that's what's extraordinary about this is that president trump allegedly engaged in a similar behavior with another leader a day after the motor report's release. former british prime minister from boris
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johnson's own party has attacked the government's position on brics it's john major fears prime minister johnson could use what he called political chicanery to force britain to leave the european union almost 31st without a deal he also accuses johnson of deliberately whipping up public anger well so now go you go is westminster foros live to bring us more on this and so here just what exactly is the george region's concerned with more assurance and strategy. the former prime minister is concerned with as many other moderates within the conservative party is exactly what and mr johnson's tactics are going to have he has been very vocal about the incredibly divisive nature of mr johnson's rhetoric and his pursue all of bricks and even to no deal which has many within the
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party extremely worried as well as others of course but this particular. detail in which many people are trying to what i think there's any way that mr johnson could navigate the judicial system here in the will of parliament he 1st to what is known as the order of a council in which theoretically speaking prime minister johnson could actually just but not pursue an extension and just go ahead with his idea of it all just you know and known extension of a negotiation time and just rush ahead with no deal breck's it therefore technically not breaking the law but constitutional experts saying they would actually need to be a very particular legal a dimension towards this which has an op and still no been on earth yet and in all of this also mr johnson did decry the very divisive nature of mr johnson's process
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toward this. the government seems intent on whipping up to say. by using emotional and evocative language that can only provoke fear and anger and fuel grievances against parliament and the law consider what this. means if this government wishes to reimage by inciting opposition to the most important state and its freedom. also that given the term all this way carries brussels reacts into its own. well not very optimistically and that's perhaps putting it mildly although you've had mr. talking about how the e.u.
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is doing everything possible and in order to try and get that deal barrett that deadline is the end of october but you had the e.u.'s chief negotiator michel barnier addressing e.u. ambassadors saying how he did not seem to be very optimistic about the possibility of finding a deal the u.k. when it sort of submitted its non papers and then all the ideas for talking it sort of kicks out having different rules and regulations regarding customs providing an alternative to the backstop in order to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland now what the e.u. wants is more of a uniformity and regulation to avoid that and said it cannot possibly compromise at the single markets and also its own system and of course the position of ireland as well and all of this so all i know really it's looking less and less likely for the european union got a deal will likely be struck by the end of october so i'm going to go live for us
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thank you very much indeed. but cafes and shops have been shots and football matches cancelled and security heightens across egypt's ahead of plans protests president sisi has returned so you carol from new york where he attended the u.n. general assembly that's for amnesty international urged leaders to confront him about the crackdown on demonstrators well egypt says it's questioning up to a 1000 people and that to thousands are being held office arriving in cairo sisi sent his supporters would far outweigh the protestors. order must come up when i myself ask you gyptian millions will go out onto the streets it will be a message to the whole world when they see them. well us democratic senator says congress will be closely watching c.c. and has accused the donald trump of comparing him president trump has been you know
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an absolute disaster for global democracy causes he is empowered autocrats all over the world at the top of that list is president al sisi the congress is going to be watching what happens is these protests unfold tomorrow we have seen what sisi has done over the past week or so locking up hundreds of dissidents disappearing many we're going to be watching we expect these protests to be able to be held and we are going to hold the egyptians to account if they once again of respond with force and indiscriminate attention. well mohamed el masry joins me now on science he's an associate professor of media and cultural studies at the doha institute for graduate studies thanks very much for joining us here on all just 0 just to sort of set the scene for us where if these protests come from what's behind them well in many ways things have been simmering for some time for years i think the protests
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that will see today are the result of pent up anger that egyptians have felt for for years but the immediate instigator for these latest rounds of protests has been mohamed ali a former military contractor an insider who worked with the military for 15 years and has been releasing videos this month about government corruption and that has obviously rubbed a lot of egyptians the wrong way this news of corruption from the sea from sisi and also from his family because we have seen the scale of arrests really show something of a no tolerance strategy from sisi do you think this is something he can write a sister an appetite for the process to protesters to continue going up against this or this is the most brutal and repressive government in egypt's modern history they've killed thousands of people they've arrested tens of thousands of people many of them for illegal protest we have to remember that protesting is illegal in
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egypt so people are quite literally braving or risking their lives by going out into the streets the government right now is pretty desperate as you said in your lead in they've been shutting down the entrances to major squares they've they've shut down certain metro stops they've canceled football matches and so they're quite they're quite worried it remains to be seen exactly how many people go out into the streets and to what extent the government can contain these protests now you said this is been bubbling away for some time i mean is there an appetite to return to the scenes that we saw and 20112030. egyptians. very angry many egyptians are very angry people have been killed so their family members want want justice people are many people are poor about 70 percent of i'm sorry but 60 percent of egyptians live in poverty so people feel a sense of desperation and and apparently if last week is any indication people are
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quite literally as i said willing to risk their lives to go out and protest against this regime ok we'll be keeping a close eye on that but thank you so much mohamed el masri for joining us here on al-jazeera. a u.n. investigator has dismissed comments from the saudi crown prince he's spoken publicly for the 1st time on the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi mom had been some man says he bears responsibility for the killing but didn't know it was going to happen and his callum or whoever says saudi authorities have stifled her investigation reports from new york. she spent months investigating the killing of saudi journalist jamal hazy and concluded it was deliberate premeditated and extrajudicial un special rapporteur. also found credible evidence linking. to crown prince mohammed bin. almost a year after the killing of the saudi consulate in turkey the prince also known by
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his initials. top american network p.b.s. he bears with sponsibility and the bird but denies personal involvement easer crown prince of saudi arabia so clearly everything at printing in saudi arabia or related to saudi arabia is happening under your watch i you know i haven't found the statement as riveting as maybe some people may find it. a global opera strain saudi arabia has relations with many countries turkey blames officials of stalling the investigation into what happened on october the 2nd this is the moment miss the house into the saudi consulate to retrieve documents for his upcoming wedding to his turkish he'll say how these are doing is seen here waiting
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for him outside of the consulate but never showed up again and he was killed and his body dismembered by a death squad. the whereabouts of his remains still shrouded in mystery you know kind of a way to humble missileers crown prince bears responsibility he must tell us who gave the order to kill jamal where is the body and why did they kill him so brutally over the last few years saudi authorities have skule to the don't understand of busting activists he were wise defenders and clerics the murder of a solid saudi arabia's ties with these are lies and many became alarmed by involvement in the war in yemen of european countries suspended arms sales to the oil which kingdom the murder of the mother damaged the reputation of m.b.'s was described by his hours as a reformer a liberal and committed to radically changing his religiously conservative country
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he was accused of being personally involved in his murder a year on it appears he's trying to rebuild his image how to write about al-jazeera new york. just a few years ago and so we world athletics championships stands in doha let's go live to our sports studio and her the stadium and her own son home wish to set the scene yes hello for the next 11 days the world's best track and field athletes will be competing in the stadium behind me any ole it gets under way at around $1338.00 g.m.t. coming up in our schools but it's in this hour. life off to you some ball to we'll be discussing how important these championships are for sport that's struggling to replace one of its most iconic champions and maybe a new box office star with a merge in the 100 meters this week the heats starts later on friday i will tell you some of the big names that to look out for an 800 meter champion the caster
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semenya is missing from these championships instead she's focusing on a new sport all that's coming up in our sports but it didn't join us at around $1045.00 g.m.t. . well in a few moments we'll have the weather withdrawn but what's more still to come on all of this iran creating heightened security across afghanistan on the eve of presidential elections. has the world started this year in this slight case of el nino which is when the wars the pacific tend to drift down towards the coast of south america where the waters of represented by where the shire was growing in size of the hawaiian islands and for about $28.00 currently this warmest water is licking the coast of
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mexico no longer the coast of south america temperatures over $12.00 to $15.00 off the coast of chile and peru so the chance of rain has very slight and the rain history has also been very slight particularly in chile which is in a state of almost emergency drought the seasonal rains will eventually show if you're lucky but if you look down towards santiago there i've got some video here of the the condition of what should be a river that's quite a big river normally completely dried out and if all of rule chalets is like this they feeding cattle that survive many of the crops on the cattle. unfortunately got very much good news to come receive the seasonal rains which will slowly drift down this job direction there's a lot to make up for because the average rainfall around santiago should have been 60 we're going to meet is to now we've got about 25 percent of that as i say in the immediate future there's no chance about changing. the weather sponsored by
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catalyst. rewind returns with a new ceiling plan. to anticipate documentary. money and the undefeated. remind me to return to the same. for india 10000000 children brought in bondage by the victims of trafficking in one day and the large numbers are very very big numbers on al-jazeera. one in 3 brazilian women is a victim of domestic abuse it seems every day a woman dies and it just becomes a statistic but some of broken away from the cycle of violence it's not easy to leave you have to ask for help and inspire others to lives around i called the straw hat program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me
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opportunities for my business women make change all al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories this hour iran has released a british tanker that had been detained in the strait of hormuz since july the senate piro departed from the bandar up as force and has just reached international waters under iran's president is demanding proof from those blaming to her own for an attack on site of the so these 2 weeks ago as an rouhani also says talks with the u.s. are only possible if sanctions are listed. yes democrats are appealing for witnesses
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to come forward with evidence on donald trump's july 4th call with the ukrainian leader has accused a pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden. there are courts in cambodia has charged 9 members of the band opposition party that began exile with attempting to stage a coup the group's leader has called for an uprising that coincides with their planned return in november when he has more from bangkok. these are just the latest charges to be laid against some senior members of the band cambodian national rescue party these members are in exile most of them left cambodia in 2017 after the party was dissolved by the courts for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government the leader of the party at that time ken said carr was arrested on treason charges and he is still being held under house arrest in phnom penh the opposition say that this is the straightest campaign by the government led by prime
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minister who in saying who's been in power for 34 years and with the opposition out of the way his ruling cambodian people's party went on to win all seats in last year's election so the opposition and now are saying that these latest charges against the senior members of the party are just the latest attempt by the government to try to scare them away from returning to cambodia on the 9th of november when they've called for an uprising from the people of cambodia and for members of the military to quit their jobs and to join the uprising so that now also being charged as well as attempting to stage a coup with intention to commit armed rebellion so if they are found guilty of these latest charges they could be jailed for up to 30 years they say they are not afraid of these latest charges and they still plan to return to cambodia on the 9th of november. well let's bring in lee morgan besser in prison he's
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a senior lecturer at griffith university and author of the book beyond the facades elections under authoritarianism in southeast asia where those on the program 1st of all would you say this is a clue. oh absolutely not i mean not in any sense of the traditional use of the term for the most part of who is involved the military in the sink asian cambodian nationalist he probably doesn't have the loyalty of the military and doesn't actually have the honor and. requirement that you need to undertake. the use of the word coup or insurrection is merely a pretext by one sense dictatorship to the charge of the opposition activists and well why do you think the opposition are making this move nice and seemingly chords and they said fashions in a sense an opportunity to try and unseat the current leader i think it's the sort
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of at the end of the road in terms of options having not been allowed to compete in the election last year and having 2 significant extent to win support an international community to pressure on sun's government. this sort of feel that this is the next step in law you know what they should do and so the senior members of the party play into to move back into canberra here in the 9th of november. whether that's going to have the effect that they one are doubtful marceau in a sense that the government's already locking up members of grassroots members of the party and the military are there or will will side with the opposition could have been given no incentive to do so as are somewhat cynical of this of this maybe even though i understand their point of view but given that this scenario you've right. i mean what's going to happen next even if they're on likely to succeed
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in this what happens next. our main in. samara is explaining pretty active in the last couple of weeks the last couple months of. trying to win support from policymakers in washington and brussels in particular and i think he's all that if they go to cambridge and they were arrested and joe at the international outcry will be significant enough to purchase one since government into releasing them and therefore allowing them to compete in the political system like they were able to open their opposition bottom of the zone i think that's the hard. i'm not sure that's going to work given that international pressure has not worked in the last couple of years against one sense government into cheated the widespread crackdown on the made in oppositions of the society groups the old a sham election where they claimed every state parliament and even that wasn't enough to stop it so there was international pressure and they just simply ignored
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it and this is how a chance but what about a threat of sanctions if the international community does decide to step up the pressure even more does the threat of sanctions change the picture. think it does and this is what it doesn't make a whole of a sense from huntsman's point of view. the threat of sanctions should should make kunsan government stop current down but this year i mean this talk of the numbers suggests that the charges up to about 30 opposition activists were insurrection or kurd and so if they were bar sanctions that would stop cracking down but they're not. for me to suggest that china has given us quietly said to them that no matter if sanctions are imposed we will help you get the bill or cover a make up and when all the loads in the ear pain or american sanctions go have the
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effect that policymakers my part ok well we'll wait to see what happens but thanks very much for your analysis there lee morgan besser joining us from princeton. and uneasy as president joker we do though is trying to come they should why student protests he says he may scrap a controversial revision over an anti corruption long but that would address only one of the protesters many grievances the mohammed has more from jakarta. there's been a wave of nationwide protests across indonesia this week where 2 students were killed and dozens have been admitted to hospital president has commented on the deaths of those 2 students when he said that he was saddened by the news and is calling for an investigation by police the president has also instructed to the police not to use excessive force against the demonstrators and the national police spokesman has also reiterated that they did not use any weapons during these protests now the students and the activists have been demonstrating against a number of issues of bills that the parliament has been looking to pass one of
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them is the new anti corruption law they say this will be can the power of the end to corruption agency but this bill was passed last week and the students want to have it repealed there's also the pending criminal code which could criminalize things like abortion make it illegal to insult the president ban extramarital relations and also tighten the rights in addition to this it could also have severe consequences for freedom of expression now more broadly there's also anger around other issues like land rights the forest fires in sumatra and also in borneo now the movement is not specifically organized by any one particular group but it does fall under one major concern for the protesters they want to protect their civil liberties and they say the what they want the president to do more now given the outcry president has said that he wants to have a meeting with the protestors to discuss this and resolve the situation but so far no meeting has been scheduled yet. flash flooding in western india has killed at
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least $22.00 people 6 more are missing and $23.00 moved from the city of surrounding areas the city has seen more rain than usual during this year's monsoon season. afghanistan is on high alert a day out from the country's presidential elections $100000.00 extra security personnel will be guards in pawling stations across the country forming threats of more attacks from the taliban and mcbride reports few voters believe the controversial election will make a difference. compared to previous elections most afghans are going into this ballot more with a sense of trepidation than hope international forces have been reduced and the security situation has worsened. the front runner remains the incumbent president gunning but in both of the 2 pre-election t.v. debates he failed to show up giving his main rival abdullah abdullah free rein to
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attack him if the current president has failed he should have made a consensus on the peace process with political allies and started negotiations with the taliban the taliban has repeated its threat to carry out attacks against polling stations in the cities there's a heavy security presence to prevent that but the taliban has made large gains in much of a role role afghanistan which could result in a low turnout that mean i could bury works as a journalist in northern conducive province which is changed hands between government and taliban control several times and i think that people are getting ready to move to other places we saw the same situation at the last election and therefore we have skied only about a 3rd of people will vote she is one of only a few women working in media in this part of afghanistan and as the manager of a local radio station has faced death threats from the taliban still she is
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determined to go on with her work and with her right to vote and that will be able to even if the taliban gets control of could us i will still use my right to vote because my one virus can determine our future i want to be a role model for my afghan sisters. still exerting a considerable influence is the former president hamid karzai he holds out hope of long term peace with the taliban in spite of the recent decision by the us to cancel the deal. you want to hold a call upon my taliban brothers to come and sit with afghans if you want to talk to foreigners talk to them but you should be making actual peace with your own people but he's warned that any violent disruption because of this election would make peace as elusive as ever bright al-jazeera couple. say can in the group of african refugees from libya these the 1st support could be as many as 30000
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refugees being relocated from facilities in the bia. many people who've gone to north africa to try to make the dangerous sea course into europe rwanda 1st offered to take the man after media reports showed terrible conditions including slave markets. the u.s. is proposing to cut the number of refugees it allows into the country if the plan is approved the number will be limited 218000 stolen from $30000.00 a year as an all time low human rights groups and criticize the move those shockers a senior u.s. advocates refugees international lines the implications of this decision the reason that the trumpet ministration has given for reducing this is a favor because the united states expects to process about $350000.00 asylum applicants this year it's necessary for them to limit the number of refugees resettled the same officers who process asylum application also scream
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refugees overseas the problem with that argument is that most because of policy that been put in place over the last year on the top administration has really limited the number of people who get asylum and whether or not you can get asylum so very few of those people who are going to be processed are actually going to get asylum what we're going to actually have is very many many fewer refugees being resettled overseas and very few people getting asylum we're basically just not going to be having a lot of people gaining refuge in the united states at all. prosecutors in mexico say they are exploring new leads in the case of 43 students who went missing 5 years ago a case of sparks international outrage years later the victims' families hope a new government will provide answers kathy lopez hardy and reports. a march in the heart of mexico city to mark 5 years since 43 students went missing the victims are believed to have.


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